Outdoor Furniture Built to Last

Outdoor Furniture Built to Last

Are you tired of spending money on poor quality home goods that end up needing to be replaced every single season? Cristae is dedicated to providing outdoor furniture that is built to last. Our materials and crafting processes guarantee our customers receive products of the highest quality.

Planters & Polyethylene

Polyethylene is a plastic polymer with a crystalline chemical structure that contributes to a high level of both tensile and flexural strength.

In more digestible terms, polyethylene is essentially typical plastic, but on steroids. It has been strategically designed to provide durability and mechanical strength.

Polyethylene is classified as a “thermoplastic”, which refers to the way the material responds to being introduced to heat. Thermoplastics can be heated up and formed before cooling down and hardening, without any loss of structural integrity.

These unique features make polyethylene the perfect material for our outdoor planters. Built to deliver high-end design aesthetics and maximum durability.

Quality Weather Resistance

One of the most important things to look for in quality outdoor furniture and home goods is material durability, and high quality weather resistance. Nobody wants to buy a set of planters made out of flimsy plastic that will crack at the first sign of moisture. What’s the point of buying cheap items and “saving money” when your things need to be constantly replaced?

Choosing high quality products may seem like more of an investment than your 20 dollar planters from Canadian tire. However, the true value is found in premium materials that are engineered to last for years, while providing that extra level of class.

At Cristae, design and luxury will always be incredibly important. However, we will always be striving to create impressive pieces for your home that are built to last.

Home goods that can take on everything from rain, sleet, and snow, to intense heat and excessive exposure to UV rays. Our products are guaranteed to provide weather resistance at its absolute best.

Cristae’s Planter Series

The planter series, designed by Marie Khouri herself, features products that were originally created to serve as centerpieces for garden installments and other outdoor arrangements.

Instead, the PL series evolved into a line of highly functional, luxury art pieces that inject that sense of atelier work into the aesthetic of the home. 

The hand-sculpted curves and lines that are featured in this series create another dimension of style, design and uniqueness that speaks volumes.

Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any space, our planters are crafted with highly durable polyethylene that makes them suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Unlike other materials typically used for home goods like wood, wicker or textiles, polyethylene is quite literally engineered to last forever.

Our planters are rotationally molded, and then proceed to undergo a flame-finishing process that creates a smooth, powder coated finish that promotes both mechanical strength and UV protection!

Explore all of the planter options that Cristae has to offer by shopping our PL collection here.